How can I help my child stop wetting by day?

How can I help my child stop wetting by day?image

11 May

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The management of your child’s wetting (incontinence) should always consist of the following simple measures:

  • Improving fluid intake during the early part of the day and at school while reducing the fluid intake in the afternoon and evening.
  • Avoiding diuretic drinks such as coffee, tea, blackcurrent juice and avoiding fizzy drinks.
  • Regular daytime toileting and bladder emptying (bladder re-training).
  • Treatment of constipation.

You can use positive feedback to achieve this (positive praise, star charts, reminders).

Please see the following links for examples of a star chart and a toilet training certificate, which you may use or design your own

Link to toilet training certificate: Toilet Training Certif0001.pdf

Link to Star Chart: Star chart0002.pdf

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