My child has just developed Diarrhoea, what should I do?

My child has just developed Diarrhoea, what should I do?image

11 May

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Diarrhoea in children is common, and on the whole is as a result of a viral infection. The most common virus is called Rota virus which is highly contagious, and occurs in particular times of the year. You may have already heard that your child had been in contact with another child who has diarrhoea which is very likely to be of the same cause. Occasionally, diarrhoea is caused by a bacterial infection, especially if you have recently returned from travel abroad.

On the whole, treatment is supportive with plenty of fluids to be given so that your child does not get dehydrated. The best fluids are the oral rehydration solutions called Diarolyte, which you can get from your chemist or your doctor. Do not worry too much if your child does not feel like eating, as long as you are able to get them to drink. It is important to check with your doctor if the diarrhoea is severe or lasts more than 3 days, or if your child appears lethargic with a dry mouth and less urine produced. It is also very important to consult your doctor if you see blood or mucous in your child’s stool.

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