What is the vaccination schedule recommended for my child?

What is the vaccination schedule recommended for my child?image

11 May

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If your baby was born in the UK you would have been given a baby red book (parents held health record) after your baby’s birth. The vaccinations schedule is available for you to look at in the immunisations section of the red book. There are occasions when new vaccines are made available, and these may not be listed in the red book at the time you were given it. Please check with your doctor regarding what the up to date recommendations are.

The UK childhood vaccination schedule starts at 8 weeks of age and the following is a copy of this schedule for you to look at:

Please follow this link for the UK childhood vaccination schedule:


If your child is following the USA vaccinations programme the following link will take you to the most up to date USA vaccination schedule:


If your child is following any other vaccinations schedule and you would like us to administer vaccines according to that schedule, please bring the vaccinations card to your child’s appointment.

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