What medications could be used to treat my child’s constipation?

What medications could be used to treat my child’s constipation?image

11 May

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It is best to consult with your doctor on which are the most suitable medications for your child’s constipation. The usual medications your doctor may advise on consist of a stool softening medication such as Lactulose (a sweet liquid which draws fluids into the stool to make it softer) or Movicol paediatric sachets (a powder that you need to dilute in water and give to your child as a drink), and sometimes a stimulating medication such as Senna (which makes your child’s intestines contract more to push the stool out faster) or other similar medication. It is important that you follow your doctor’s advice when using such medication and not to use them in excess or too long without regular follow up. Your doctor may chose to prescribe other medication depending on your child’s constipation history and how they have responded to the other measures. Please note that any medication relies on good fluid intake and fibre intake and toileting for it to work.

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